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Thermo Scientific

Finnpipette™ F2

Finnpipette F2
Finnpipette F2
Finnpipette F2 with F-stand
Introducing the new Thermo Scientific Finnpipette F2, a pipette that has all the right qualities – it has a light pipetting action, it’s easy to use, and it’s fully autoclavable. Furthermore, the Finnpipette F2 offers outstanding reliability, which we guarantee with a 5 year warranty. Add to this great accuracy and precision, and you know the Finnpipette F2 is a winner.


Advanced Volume Gearing (AVG)

As accuracy and precision are the most vital aspects of any pipette, we developed the Finnpipette F2 with a self-supporting modular volume adjustment mechanism. Because the AVG mechanism is separated from the pipette body, its accuracy and precision, as well as its durability, are significantly improved. In addition, to eliminate the possible effects of hand warmth on the accuracy of your measurements, the AVG mechanism is also thermally isolated from the pipette body.

Large Ergovisio Display

The Finnpipette F2 has a large easy to read Ergovisio display thatmakes setting volumes clear and easy. And the fine adjustment ruler lets you easily check the last digit, which is presented against a clear linear scale. This allows you to make the most of the precision click volume adjustment, which enables volume increments as small as 0.2 μl or 1 μl depending on the pipette model. Beside the large display is a convenient space for the user’s personal identity tag to help ensure that pipettes do not get mixed up or lost in the laboratory.

Light Pipetting Action

As always with Thermo Scientific Finnpipettes, the forces needed for pipetting have been minimized. The design of the Finnpipette F2 allows users to depress the pipetting button with just a small amount of effort, for a light, smooth and steady pipetting action. The light and steady movement enables better pipetting results over longer pipetting periods. In addition, the patented super blow-out feature ensures the delivery of micro-size drops. The super blow-out piston is incorporated into pipettes with volumes of 50 μl and below.

Double Action Pipetting Button

The Finnpipette F2 has a revolutionary double-action pipetting button with a rotating upper part, for easy and exceptionally light volume setting. An additional benefit is that the rotating upper part of the button moves independently of the volume setting mechanism, to prevent unintentional changes in volume settings. Like the lower adjustment wheel, it is made of a softer plastic material to offer excellent grip with effortless volume adjustment.

Fully Autoclavable

High quality results depend on absolute sterility, to provide this and to prevent cross contamination, the Finnpipette F2 is autoclavable at 121°C. The entire pipette can be autoclaved in one piece or in separate pieces in a sterilization bag. The pipette is constructed with materials that have a high resistance to reagents, UV-light and moisture.

Comfortable ergonomics

The Finnpipette F2 has a supportive finger rest that lets you hold it at the ideal pipetting angle and lets your hand relax between pipetting cycles. As a result, it makes long periods of repetitive pipetting much more comfortable and less tiring, and reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The tip ejector button is rounded and ergonomically designed to enable the most comfortable thumb position.

Easy In-lab Service and Calibration

The Finnpipette F2 is very easy to service; simply open the pipette by removing the tip ejector by hand, and then use the handy maintenance tool to remove the tip cone. The same practical tool is used to adjust the pipette’s calibration using the calibration nut located at the top of the pipette handle.

Choose the Finnpipettes you need

To match the needs of every lab, the Finnpipette F2 is available in single channel and multichannel versions. The single channel pipettes are available as variable volume or fixed volume models. Sturdy and stable pipette stands are available as an option for both single and multichannel models. Each Finnpipette F2 has convenient color coding on the volume adjustment ring and on the top cover of the handle, as well as on the multichannel modules, for easier recognition of the suitable Finntip.

Thermo Scientific Finnpipette F2 Multichannels

The Finnpipette F2 multichannel pipettes are available in 8-, 12- and 16-channel models with a selection of volume ranges. As with the single channel Finnpipette F2 pipettes, the AVG mechanism ensures a high level of accuracy and precision. In addition, in the low volume models the super blow-out function ensures accurate dispensing for even the lowest volumes.

Műszaki specifikációk

 F2 Adjustable-Volume Pipetters

 Cat. No.  Range



 Inaccuracy Imprecision



4642010 0.2-2 µl, micro 0.002 µl ±12.0 to 2.5% 10.0 to 2.0% Pink
4642020 0.5-5 µl, micro 0.01 µl ±6.0 to 1.5%  5.0 to 1.0% Pink
4642030 1-10 µl, micro 0.02 µl ±2.5 to 1.0% 2.0 to 0.5% Pink
4642040 1-10 µl 0.02 µl ±3.5 to 1.0%  3.0 to 0.8%  Yellow
4642050 2-20 µl, micro 0.02 µl ±3.0 to 1.0%  2.5 to 0.4%  Turquoise
4642060 2-20 µl 0.02 µl ±3.0 to 1.0% 2.5 to 0.4%  Yellow
4642120 5-50 µl, micro 0.1 µl ±0.3 to 0.15%  2.5 to 0.3%  Turquoise
4642130 5-50 µl 0.1 µl ±0.3 to 0.15%  2.5 to 0.3%  Yellow 
4642070 10-100 µl 0.2 µl  ±3.0 to 0.8%  1.0 to 0.2%  Yellow 
4642080 20-200 µl 0.2 µl  ±1.8 to 0.6%  0.7 to 0.2%  Yellow
4642090 100-1000 µl 1 µl  ±1.0 to 0.6%  0.6 to 0.2%  Blue
4642100 0.5-5 ml 0.01 ml  ±2.0 to 0.5%  0.8 to 0.2%  Green
4642110 1-10 ml 0.02 ml  ±2.0 to 0.5%  0.8 to 0.2%  Red


 F2 Fixed-Volume Pipetters

Cat. No. Description Inaccuracy Imprecision
4652000 1 µl ±4.0% 4.0%
4652010 5 µl  ±1.4% 1.4%
4652020 10 µl  ±0.9% 0.8%
4652130 20 µl ±0.6% 0.5%
4652030 25 µl ±0.6% 0.5%
4652040 50 µl  ±0.6% 0.4%
4652050 100 µl  ±0.4% 0.3%
4652140 200 µl  ±0.4% 0.3%
4652060 250 µl  ±0.4% 0.3%
4652070 500 µl  ±0.3% 0.3%
4652080 1000 µl  ±0.3% 0.3%
4652090 2000 µl  ±0.3% 0.2%
4652100 3000 µl  ±0.3% 0.2%
4652110 5000 µl  ±0.3% 0.2%
4652120 10000 µl  ±0.3% 0.2%


 F2 Multichannel Pipetters

Cat. No.  Range



 Inaccuracy Imprecision



4662000 1-10 µl 0.02 µl ±12.0 to 2.4% 8.0 to 1.6% Pink
4662010 5-50 µl 0.1 µl ±5.0 to 1.5% 2.0 to 0.7% Yellow
4662020 10-100 µl 0.2 µl ±5.0 to 1.3% 2.0 to 0.5% Yellow
4662030 30-300 µl 1 µl ±5.0 to 1.0% 2.0 to 0.3% Orange
4662040 1-10 µl 0.02 µl ±12.0 to 2.4% 8.0 to 1.6% Pink
4662050 5-50 µl 0.1 µl ±5.0 to 1.5% 2.0 to 0.7% Yellow 
4662060 10-100 µl 0.2 µl ±5.0 to 1.3% 2.0 to 0.5% Yellow 
4662070 30-300 µl 1 µl ±5.0 to 1.0% 2.0 to 0.3% Orange
4662080 1-10 µl 0.02 µl ±12.0 to 2.4% 8.0 to 1.6% Purple
4662090 5-50 µl 0.1 µl ±5.0 to 1.5% 2.0 to 0.7% Turquoise
Tartozékok, kiszerelések

 F2 GLP Kits

Cat. No. Description Volume Range
4700870 F2 Kit 1 (1 to 1000 µl) 1-10 µl, 10-100 µl, 100-1000 µl
4700880 F2 Kit 2 (0.2 to 1000 µl) 0.2-2 µl, 2-20 µl, 20-200 µl, 100-1000 µl
4700885 F2 Kit 3 (10 to 10000 µl) 10-100 µl, 100-1000 µl, 1000-10000 µl
4701070 F2 Kit 4 (2 to 1000 µl) 2-20 µl, 20-200 µl, 100-1000 µl

The Finnpipette F2 GLP kit includes F-stand, reagent reservoir demo pack and samples of Finntip Flex tips - the most advanced traditional tip - offering very low attachment and ejection forces. The Good Laboratory Pipetting Guide contains comprehensive pipetting information, from choosing the right type to detailed decontamination procedures. 



Cat. No. Stands for Finnpipette F2
9420400 F-Stand, Linear Stand, white, 6 positions
9420390 Multichannel Pipetter Stand, 1 position

The Finnpipette F-stand accommodates six pipettes. The sturdy crossbar structure with a slot for each pipetter enables it to sit snugly in the stand. The Finnpipette F-stand is suitable for both single channel and multichannel models.
The Finnpipette multichannel stand is a multi-position stand for a multichannel pipetter. The pipetter can be stored in an upright or horizontal position. The stand has a small footprint and can hold any multichannel Finnpipette.





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