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Make the right choice faster
For the first time ever, find out
the quality of any protein sample
in minutes and make your assay
development and purification
workflows more efficient. Decide
which batches, buffers, or conditions
are best by comparing the relative
stability of each sample along every
step of an experiment. Identify
unfolding events, important
indicators of protein stability, by
monitoring temperature inflections
(Ti ) — that way, you can be confident
you’re choosing the right sample
moving forward.


Protein quality is key to getting consistent results

Most of the time, you don’t know something’s wrong until you’re several steps into your experiment and you see inconsistent results. What if you could simply check the quality of your sample before you even start? That’s where Tycho comes in.

Tycho tells you so much about the quality of your protein

It tells you about presence, purity, concentration, functionality and similarity — in a single experiment. These can all be measured simply by determining whether your protein is structurally intact or properly folded.


Analyze under native conditions
There’s no need to fluorescently label or modify your sample — that means no assay development and only real results.

Get answers in minutes
Generate informative data in just 3 minutes  — it makes deciding what to do next that much easier. Watch video

Easily test any protein sample type
Forget dialyzing or doing sample dilutions. Determine the quality of any protein in any type of buffer over a wide range of concentrations.

Save scarce bench space
Tycho’s small footprint doesn’t take up a lot of bench space which means more space for you!

Conserve precious sample
 Not only can checking your protein’s quality help you run less experimental parameters later, but you only need 10 µL of sample.


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