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Custom gene synthesis

Complete synthetic genes with 100% sequence verification are provided in a plasmid cloning vector and ready to use in a variety of applications.

- Avoid spending valuable time and resources on gene construction
- Use constructs that are manufactured from the highest quality oligos
- Secure discounts for high volume orders



All Genes and MiniGene™ Synthetic Genes are constructed with either gBlocks® Gene Fragments or Ultramer® DNA Oligos, and are sequence verified by either Sanger or MiSeq™ system. The exact method used will be determined by IDT as part of the manufacturing process.) Your custom genes will arrive dry in a plasmid cloning vector, ready to be used in a variety of applications.


How to order Genes and MiniGene Synthetic Genes

Single gene entry

  1. Under Ordering, click on the Order now button.
  2. Enter a name for your gene.
  3. Copy and paste, or enter your desired DNA sequence using A, C, G, and T bases only
    • Degenerate (mixed bases) or modified bases are not offered with our synthetic genes products.
    • Prior to adding to your order, sequence complexity can be tested using the Test Complexity button—this allows you to make simple changes to the sequence if necessary.
  4. Click the Add to Order button.
  5. Select a vector from the popup window.
  6. Complete the biohazard information and the order will be placed in the shopping cart for checkout.

Multiple gene entry

Under Ordering, click on the Order now button and select the Bulk Input option at the top left of the ordering tool. Separate your sequences by name as you import Excel or text files.


Order processing

Your order request will be reviewed for the following characteristics which may interfere with synthesis, assembly, or sequencing performance. Potential issues include:

  • Secondary structure: hairpins >10 bases and G/C-rich secondary structure
  • Repeats and homo-polymeric runs: long repeats, >10 bases for G/C, or >30 bases for A/T
  • Overall GC Content >65% and regional GC content <25%
  • Restriction site duplications and Dam/Dcm methylation sites that may interfere with digestion by restriction endonuclease

If the sequence does not pass the screening criteria, you will be contacted by a gene services specialist to determine the best way to proceed.


IDT cloning vectors

All of our synthetic gene products are provided in an optimized cloning vector that is ready to be transformed into E. coli. To optimize manufacturing and delivery times, synthetic genes ≤5 kb in length are delivered in a “best-fit” vector (Table 1), for which you can choose between ampicillin or kanamycin selection markers. Upon receiving your gene, you can then subclone it into the vector of your choice using a variety of methods. The identity of the cloning vector used, its sequence, and insertion site will be confirmed in the documentation that accompanies your product.

Table 1. Best-fit vectors for Genes ≤5000 bp

Vector nameVector sizeSelection markerApplication
pUCIDT (Amp) 2752 Ampicillin Cloning
pUCIDT (Kan) 2705 Kanamycin Cloning
pIDTSmart (Amp) 2056 Ampicillin Cloning
pIDTSmart (Kan) 1962 Kanamycin Cloning
pBRIDT 3170 Ampicillin Cloning

For genes >5000 bp, please contact .



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