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Cell3™ Target: Actionable Mutation Panel (EGFR)

Analyze actionable mutations in the EGFR pathway
Detect low frequency variants in key oncogenes of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) pathway using genomic DNA (gDNA) or cell free DNA (cfDNA) from primary tumours or liquid biopsies.


Clinically relevant content


A highly focused panel covering the actionable mutations in key oncogenes in the EGFR pathway.

Primary tumor or liquid biopsy


Developed for and validated on ctDNA as well as gDNA and FFPE giving you the option to profile primary tumors or liquid biopsies and matched samples.

Confidently call low frequency variants


Cell3™ Target error suppression technology including unique molecular identifiers (UMIs), enables you to accurately call ultra-low frequency mutations down to 0.1% VAF.

Fast and affordable


Using a focused panel simplifies analysis and reduces costs making this a fast and affordable method of profiling variants in the EGFR pathway.

Focused coverage of EGFR pathway

We know that a fast and affordable panel for profiling pathways like the EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor) pathway is important to you so the Cell3™ Target: Actionable Mutation panel (EGFR) only enriches for actionable mutations in the most relevant oncogenes. It offers a simple, fast and cost-effective tool to enable early cancer detection, treatment selection and patient monitoring in cancers like non-small lung cancer.

GeneNumber of TargetsIncluding Coverage of:
BRAF 2 V600
EGFR 9 G719, D761, T790, L858, L861, exon 19 indel, exon 20 insertion
KRAS 3 G12, G13, Q61, A416
NRAS 3 G12, G13, Q61

Table 1. Gene content for Cell3™ Target: Actionable Mutation Panel (EGFR)

Liquid biopsy sample, DNA from a blood sample

Sensitive enough for liquid biopsy 

Liquid biopsy offers a non-invasive method of detecting cancer early or monitoring cancer post chemotherapy or surgery, but it requires extremely sensitive analysis due to the small amounts of cell free (cfDNA) and even smaller amounts of circulating tumour (ctDNA) present. The error suppression technology of Nonacus’ Cell3™ Target libraries includes unique molecular indexes (UMIs) and unique dual indexes (UDIs) for removal of both PCR and sequencing errors and index hopping events. This ensures that the Actionable Mutation panel (EGFR) will enable you to confidently call mutations down to 0.1% VAF and enables generation of sequencing libraries from as little as 1 ng of cfDNA input.

Maximise sequencing efficiency

High uniformity of coverage combined with a low duplication rate and high percentage of on-target reads delivers exceptional performance resulting in less wasted sequencing. Cell3™ Target libraries allow you to run more samples per flow cell, which increases your efficiency and reduces your cost per sample.

ProductSequencerFlow CellSamples/Flow CellAverage Depth (expected)
Actionable Mutation Panel MiSeq Micro v2 300 cycle 19 500x*
Actionable Mutation Panel MiSeq v2 500 cycle 72 500x*
Actionable Mutation Panel MiSeq v3 300 cycle 120 500x*
Actionable Mutation Panel MiSeq v2 500 cycle 2 20,000x**
Actionable Mutation Panel MiSeq v3 300 cycle 3 20,000x**
Actionable Mutation Panel NextSeq 300 cycle mid output 19 20,000x**
Actionable Mutation Panel NextSeq 300 cycle high output 64 20,000x**
Actionable Mutation Panel NovaSeq SP 300 cycle 120 20,000x**


** Liquid Biopsy ctDNA

Table 2. No. of samples per flow cell to achieve 100x mean depth of coverage based on 2 x 100bp library and maximum quoted sequencer output for Nonacus Cell3™ Target: Actionable Mutation panel (EGFR)


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