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AireGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-101 Vertical Airflow Clean Workstation

The AireGard ES 101 Custom Vertical Airflow Workstation offers 5 airflow variations to create class 5 air quality for robotic automation systems in life science applications and aid in Pharmacies sterilize preparations of IV admixture, CSP’s, or antibiotics


The Right Fit for your Application

Life Science Research
The NU-101 has a variety of uses including the accommodation of robotic equipment for lab automation.


The NU-101 can be used for the sterile preparation of IV admixtures, CSP’s, antibiotics, or automated compounding equipment.

Class 5 Air Quality Applications

For procedures requiring work-in-progress protection from outside potentially harmful contaminants.

Airflow Variations
  • Total Exhaust
  • Exhaust / Recirculation
  • Open Base
  • Wash Out
  • Perforated Wash Through


Essentials Control System

Simple switches control the blower, lights, outlets while a mini-helic gauge measures plenum performance.

HEPEX™ Zero Leak Airflow System

The HEPEX™ plenum inflates to provide quiet uniform air without transferring vibration. Positive pressure chambers and ducts are surrounded by negative pressure eliminating potential leaks. HEPEX™ fabrics are incredibly durable. They are flameproof, provide a barrier against water, gases, fluid, and dust as well as resist to chemicals, oils, and greases. It even holds antibacterial properties and is impregnable meaning harmful materials become trapped in the filters.


Vibration and sound control

Airflow System
99.99% HEPA Filtration
Air Intake Grill and Pre-Filter
Cool White Fluorescent Lighting
Centrally Located Control Center
Powder Coat Urethane Finish
Interior Cold-Rolled Finished Steel

Optional Features

Duplex outlets
Exhaust Chambers
Exhaust Transitions
Stainless Steel Interior
IV Bar
Ultraviolet Lights
Service valves for Air, Gas, Vacuum
Side Panels
Tables and Table Tops
Stainless Steel work Surfaces
Increased work Zone Height
Custom Solutions

Műszaki specifikációk

The 101 is custom built to your specifications. Please submit an online inquiry or call 1.800.328.3352 to begin your custom equipment consultation.

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