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ImageXpress Micro 4 High-Content Imaging System

ImageXpress Micro 4-275
ImageXpress Micro 4-345
The ImageXpress® Micro 4 High-Content Imaging System is a high-throughput, widefield imager that can acquire images of whole organisms and cellular or intracellular events. It features proprietary fast frame rate technology, allowing for the capture of fast biological processes such as calcium oscillations in cardiomyocytes. It is highly configurable and adaptable to changing research needs. Available options include confocal, brightfield, phase contrast, liquid handing, and environmental control.


Widefield imaging for basic research through to high-content screening

  • Expandable

    Support many cellular assays

    Image an incredible range of assays with various user-changeable filter cubes, 1-100X objectives, environmental control, fluidics option, and many sample formats including atypical plates for 3D assays.

  • Analyze images of more applications

    Analyze images of more applications

    A selection of feature-rich turnkey application modules is available with MetaXpress® software. For the development of novel assays, we offer an optional custom analysis module.

  • Tailor the system to meet your needs

    Tailor the system to meet your needs

    The imager is a highly flexible solution, you can add or change many of the components as your research priorities change. Examples include enhance light engines and automation.


  • Multiple imaging modes

    The system offers fluorescence, confocal, widefield, colorimetric, phase contrast, and brightfield label-free imaging. 

  • Field upgradeable to confocal

    The system can be upgraded to include the proprietary AgileOptix™ technology for accurate 3D volumetric analyses. 

  • Wide dynamic range

    Low and high intensity signal quantification in a single image with >3 log dynamic range intensity detection.

  • High speed image acquisition

    Using 4X magnification with a 1536-well plate, 225K wells per day can be acquired. Greater than a million wells per week can be imaged.

  • Optional environmental control

    Temperature, humidity, and CO2 control for multi-day live-cell imaging or fast kinetic studies are available.

  • Large magnification range

    Air and oil immersion objectives ranging from 1X to 100X are available for installation into the 4-position objective changer.


Műszaki specifikációk

General specifications

Camera: >4 megaPixel CMOS

Field of View with 10x: 1.96 mm2

Speed:>200,000 wells/day

Objectives: 1x-100X Air and Oil

5 position filter cube changer

Laser + image autofocus

Phase Contrast

Transmitted Light


Plates supported: Up to 1536-well plates & Microscope slides


Temperature, humidity, CO2 & O2 Control

Fluidics with Env. Control


Software: MetaXpress

MD Store Data Management

Custom Module Editor



High-content image analysis software featuring time lapse analysis

MetaXpress® High-Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software is a comprehensive solution for high-content analysis featuring a tightly orchestrated and integrated workflow. The portfolio of application modules supports a range of needs from ease-of-use through to proprietary assay design. The software includes powerful and elegant tools for 2D and 3D imaging such as time lapse analysis. With the assistance of our acquisition setup wizard, you’ll be generating data in minutes.

  • Acquire and analyze in 2D and 3D

    Acquire and analyze in 2D and 3D

    MetaXpress software is a platform for 2D and 3D image acquisition and analysis. The 3D Image Analysis Module can analyze spheroids, microtissues, cells in a 3D matrix, and small organisms.

  • Streamline image analysis

    Streamline image analysis

    The modular toolbox allows for the quick setup of hundreds of routinely used high-content assays. Choose from our optional selections of turnkey application modules for greater convenience.

  • Design custom analyses easily

    Design custom analyses easily

    Quickly create multi-step routines with the Custom Module Editor. It enables advanced analyses such as identifying objects within objects, and creating morphometric classifiers for shape analysis.


  • Z-stacks and 3D volumetric analysis

    The integrated acquisition and analysis application modules for 3D cell models simplify high-throughput quantification of 3D structures with volume, intensity, and distance measurements.

  • Fast acquisition and analysis

    Easily captures fast biological functions with our patented fast frame rate that can capture 50 frames per second. A 1-color, 384-well plate analysis can be performed in a little as six minutes.

  • Intelligent segmentation

    Application modules feature turnkey image segmentation for label-free and fluorescently labeled images. The Custom Module Editor offers advanced tools for improved segmentation.

  • Scalable parallel processing

    MetaXpress PowerCore™ Software runs analysis routines in minutes. This optional module leverages the power of parallel processing to accelerate analysis.

  • Data management solution

    MDCStore™ Data Manager, included with MetaXpress software, organizes images, experimental information, and data analysis. It enables seamless manipulation of complex sets of images and metadata.

  • Advanced informatics

    AcuityXpress™ High-Content Informatics Software is an optional enterprise level platform for advanced data mining, analysis, statistics, and visualization. It shares the MDCStore database for seamless integration.


    Applications of ImageXpress Micro 4 High-Content Imaging System

  • Cardiomyocytes


    Stem cells differentiated into cardiomyocytes are used to screen early for potential toxicological effects of drugs, thus helping to avoid investment in development of drugs which will fail in clinical trials due to cardiac toxicity.


  • Neurite Outgrowth / Neurite Tracing

    Neurite Outgrowth / Neurite Tracing

    Neurons create connections via extensions of their cellular body called processes. This biological phenomenon is referred to as neurite outgrowth. Understanding the signaling mechanisms driving neurite outgrowth provides valuable insight into neurotoxic responses, compound screening, and for interpreting factors influencing neural regeneration. Using the ImageXpress Micro system in combination with MetaXpress Image Analysis Software automated neurite outgrowth imaging and analysis is possible for slide or microplate-based cellular assays.


  • Stem Cell Research

    Stem Cell Research

    Pluripotent stem cells can be used for studies in developmental biology or differentiated as a source for organ-specific cells and used for live or fixed cell-based assays on slides or in multi-well plates. The ImageXpress Nano system paired with CellReporterXpress software for analysis has utility in all parts of the stem cells researcher’s workflow from tracking differentiation to quality control to measuring functionality of specific cell types.


  • Toxicity Screening

    Toxicity Screening

    Screening for off-target or toxic effects is very important during the development of new drugs and for the extension of the therapeutic potential of existing molecules. ImageXpress systems are fully integrated hardware and software platforms for automated acquisition and analysis of images for high-throughput cell-based cytotoxicity testing. Configured with optional environmental control, living cell responses or kinetic reactions can be monitored in real time for several days.



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