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Spectrum Compact CE System

1 spectrum-compact-product-shot
Megfizethető asztali kapilláris elektroforézis rendszer Sanger szekvenáláshoz és fragment analízishez.

- "Egybázisos" felbontás
- Integrált érintőképernyő
- 6 festékkel kompatibilis CE analízis
- 1. osztályú lézertermék
- 4 x 8-well strip csövek

Kapillárisok száma: 4
Kapilláris hossza: 36cm



One Compact System Optimized For a Broad Range of Applications

Sanger Sequencing
  • De novo sequencing
  • NGS confirmation
  • Resequencing
  • Mutation detection
  • Mitochondrial sequencing
Fragment Analysis
  • Microsatellites
  • PCR sizing
  • SNP genotyping
  • And many more...
Inserting Cartridge into Instrument


Small-Footprint Advanced Multiplexing

STR fragment analysis results using PowerPlex Fusion System and Spectrum Compact CE System
Electropherogram of 1ng of 2800M control DNA analyzed with PowerPlex® Fusion 6C System run on Spectrum Compact CE System. Injection was performed at 1.6kV for 9 seconds.

Single-Base Resolution

Spectrum Compact CE System achieves a 1bp resolution
Spectrum Compact CE System achieves a 1bp resolution, as can be seen in the D12S391 locus in the PowerPlex® ESI 17 Fast System Allelic Ladder. Injection was performed at 1.6kV for 9 seconds.

Accurate and Fast Sequencing

Accurate and Fast Sequencing Data
Representative portion of an electropherogram (Panel A) generated using the prototype ProDye™ Terminator Sequencing System on a Spectrum Compact CE System. Injection was performed at 1.2kV for 4 seconds with Polymer7; Panel B shows raw data of standard sequencing run.

Integrated Touch Screen Operation

The Spectrum Compact Control Software provides a simple user interface with a clear display of useful features including run set up, consumables and array usage information, as well as system maintenance reminders. With the easy to use operational workflow instrument, the instrument also offers the ability to monitor run progress and view results while a run is in progress. Export files are compatible with commercially available data analysis software.
Spectrum Compact CE System touch screen operation


System Consumables and Components

Plug-and-play prefilled consumables with guided software user interface brings capillary electrophoresis capabilities to the hands of any researcher in the laboratory regardless of skill level or expertise.Not only is the Spectrum Compact CE System simple to set up and operate, related consumables such as prefilled buffers and polymer are available in convenient packaging. Accessories such as plates, strip tubes and septa mats are also available for purchase. All consumables use 2D barcoding to track key information.
Spectrum Compact CE System consumables


Műszaki specifikációk


Number of capillaries 4
Capillary array length 36cm
Number of dye colors 6
Throughput Four 8-well strip tubes
Computer platform Integrated touch screen with built-in computer
Polymer Polymer4 and Polymer7
Data File Type .fsa for fragment analysis and .ab1 for Sanger sequencing
Dimensions 40cm W x 60cm D x 60cm H (15.75in W x 23.62in D x 23.62in H)
Weight 45kg (99lb)
Power Input 100–240VAC, 50/60Hz, 260VA



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