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Beckman Coulter

CytoFLEX SRT Benchtop Cell Sorter

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Leading the way for more than 85 years, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences proudly announces the launch of its highly anticipated CytoFLEX SRT Benchtop Sorter — the CytoFLEX that sorts, and features expanded laser and color options for use in labs of all sizes. This new addition to the CytoFLEX Platform builds on the principles of the CytoFLEX, which make multicolor applications accessible. The software experience will be very familiar, further increasing the ease-of-use right out of the box. It now boasts new technologies to automate and simplify sort setup and stream maintenance, bringing the power of single-cell analysis to more laboratories.


CytoFLEX SRT Cell Sorter is a benchtop sorter. It is capable of meeting requirements for a wide range of sorting needs. And like the CytoFLEX Platform, it includes innovative technologies that simplify the setup and operation, empowering investigators to focus on the research questions. The Violet-Blue-Yellow Green-Red (V-B-Y-R) Series has 15 fluorescent detectors when fully activated. It can be purchased with as few as four with an option to activate additional lasers and detectors with an activation key. It is capable of complex sort logic with different combinations of sort settings on each of four streams, including the ability to catch aborts of one of the other streams. An optional Biosafety Cabinet including aerosol evacuation or a standalone Aerosol Evacuation Unit is available.

  • Capable of complex sort logic, including 4-way sorting, Mixed Mode sorting, and the ability to catch aborts and preserve precious cells
  • Setup is smart and simplified, using automation to establish and maintain the sort stream
  • Remote support ready using BeckmanConnect for on demand access to our technical specialists, perform many routine maintenance procedures independently

CytoFLEX that Sorts

  • Exquisite sensitivity for multicolor applications

  • Parameter matched to the CytoFLEX S V-B-Y-R Series

  • Intuitive software to facilitate multicolor analysis, CytExpert for CytoFLEX SRT

Accessible Sorting

  • From startup to sample sorting in < 30 minutes
  • Uses technology to increase ease of use by automating sort stream setup and maintenance throughout the sort

  • Designed for reliability and supported by teams of experts

Complex Sort Logic

  • Up to 15 fluorescent colors to define populations

  • 4-way sorting, Mixed Mode sorting

  • Ability to catch aborts and preserve precious cells

Delivering Quality Cells

  • High recovery and post sort viability

  • Accurate single-cell deposition using the Cyclone Movement System, including Index Sorting

  • Sort into tubes, slides, or microplates

Műszaki specifikációk
Signal Processing Digital system with 7-decade display
Performance 30 MESF-FITC, 10 MESF-PE, 25 MESF-APC
Lasers 488 nm, 638 nm, 405 nm, 561 nm
Sorting Performance With a target population of 5% and a threshold rate of <10,000 events per second, >99% purity and >80% of Poisson's expected yield
Drop Dive Frequency Automatically set, manually adjustable between 30,000-35,000 Hz
Sorting Modes 4-way Sorting; enrichment or purity or single, ability to catch aborts
Resolution 300 nm particles (488 nm SSC), 200 nm particles (405 nm VSSC), rCV 3%
Detection Avalanche Photodiodes
Nozzle Diameter(s) 100 µm
Collection Vessels 12x75 mm tubes, 15 mL conical tubes, 96-well plates, 96-deep-well plates, 384-well plates, slides
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Startup to Sorting

The CytExpert for SRT features automated workflow with innovative setup, monitoring, and stream maintenance systems. Novice users can learn how to operate the system quickly, allowing researchers to spend more time on biological questions and experimental design. Built-in algorithms provide real-time calibration and make sure the right drop delay is assigned factoring in ambient temperature and particle sizes. Stream adjusts and is monitored automatically to help ensure that droplets reach the target tube or well.


Click the button and follow the prompts on the screen. Install the nozzle and click next. The system completes diagnostic tests, pressurizes, and starts the stream in less than 10 minutes.


Instrument QC is the same process as on the CytoFLEX platform and uses the same QC bead. This routine takes less than 5 minutes.


The software defines the droplet parameters and completes the side stream parameter settings. The drop delay is determined and drop delay values are given. Total time ~6 minutes.


User interface allows operators to quickly set up complex sort logic for four independent streams quickly: select population, sort mode, collection tube volume, and target count.


System Shutdown procedure rinses the sample lane and perfuses the flow cell to prevent saline accumulation. Long-term shutdown routine prepares the instrument fluidics for inactivity exceeding 7 days. System liquid is replaced with 70% ethanol solution to prevent microbial growth. Multiple pre-programmed preventive maintenance procedures are available.


Carry out an aseptic clean if the instrument has not been used for more than 30 days or prior to performing an aseptic sorting. The procedure will perfuse 10% bleach through the instrument fluidics and soak per the user specified time. After rinsing with deionized water, an additional perfusion of 70% ethanol will be conducted. The instrument will be prepared for idle by perfusing with sterile sheath fluid.

Tartozékok, kiszerelések

SterilGARD for CytoFLEX SRT Biosafety Cabinet

Flow Cytometry CytoFLEX SRT SterilGARD 600x600

Class II, Type Biosafety Containment Cabinet designed specifically for the CytoFLEX SRT Cell Sorter through a partnership with Baker Corporation. The biosafety cabinet relies on the flow of air to provide the following protection:

  • Personnel protection or containment by an intake air velocity of no less than 100 feet per minute (fpm) through the front access opening.
  • Product protection by the HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtered downflow air inside the cabinet work area.
  • Environmental protection by allowing only HEPA filtered to be exhausted to the room.

All microbiological tests were performed using test methods and acceptance guidelines set forth by the following National and International Biological Safety Cabinet Standards which are to be following all regulatory biosafety requirements internationally.

  • NSF/ANSI International Standard 49- 2019
  • European Standard (EN 12469:2000)
  • British Standard (BS EN 12469:2000)
  • South Africa National Standard (SANS 12469:2001)
  • French Standard (NF-095:2006)
  • China Standard (SFDA YY- 0569:2011)
  • Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS K 3800:2009)
  • Australian Standard (AS 1807.1:2009)



Part #


Contrad 70 Cleaning Solution



CytoFLEX Daily QC Fluorospheres



CytoFLEX Sheath Fluid



FlowClean Cleaning Agent






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