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DxFLEX is a new clinical CE-IVD flow cytometry platform derived from the successful CytoFLEX. The advanced sensitivity and intuitive software DxFLEX makes flow cytometry routine for both novice and expert flow cytometry technicians and promotes standardization. Functionality in the autoloader facilitates accurate results and sample tracking.


DxFLEX Flow Cytometer

A compact design, intuitive software, up to 13-color detection and an enhanced optical path for increased sensitivity ensure accurate results and makes flow cytometry data collection easy even for novice users.

  • Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) detection modules offer superior signal resolution
  • Simplified system settings, data acquisition & result export functions
  • Different instrument configurations available with up to 3-laser and 13-color detection
  • Optional DxFLEX Autoloader decreases the hands on time with multiple tube loading and plate loading*
  • Compact design for use in biological safety cabinets

DxFLEX is an IVD instrument that is available only in countries where the regulatory approval is obtained from the local regulatory agencies. Please check with your local sales representatives before placing your orders.

* Plate adapter: Regulatory status differs by region, please consult your local sales representative.


Műszaki specifikációk

Flow System

  • Inlet system for 12×75 mm & micro-scale sample tube loading via single tube loader(up to 30,000 events per sec)

  • DxFLEX Autoloader is compatible with 32-tube carousel and 96-well plates*

  • Preset cleaning & maintenance programs with automatic maintenance reminders for easy maintenance

  • Three preset sample rates (high; medium; low) plus user-controlled option 

* Plate loading is not available as CE-IVD

Intelligent Software

  • Simple intuitive interface & automated parameter optimization for improved work efficiency

  • Graphical operating tools for adjusting threshold, gain, compensation & more directly on results graph

  • Convenient compensation library stores compensation values of fluorescent dyes in multicolor experiments for future use

  • English/ Chinese bilingual interface

Standardized QC

  • Automated instrument quality control procedures & reporting (laser delay/power, channel gain, mean fluorescence intensity, rCV) for more reliable stable results

  • Standardization procedure can be used to monitor Median Fluorescent Intensity (MFI) and track gain changes for assays.

Optical System

  • The DxFLEX flow cytometer uses Avalanche Photodiode detectors instead of PMTs. The low electronic noise contributes to the resolution capabilities of the instrument.

  • Wavelength Division Multiplexer uses bandpass filters to deconstruct the light and efficiently deliver to the detectors by fiber optics.


DxFLEX Example Data

The DxFLEX flow cytometer is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of assays. Instrument performance provides the capabilities to resolve populations facilitating complex gating analyses.

DxFLEX Flow Cytometer Sample Data

Large File Sizes Accommodate Rare Event Analysis. More than 25 million events can be saved in one file with all channels. Use multiple gates and create combo gates to correctly define the target population for complex data analysis.

DURAClone B27

Ease differentiation of HLA B27 positive samples from negatives, using lot-specific Determinant Value and Indeterminant Zone.

DURAClone B27 Data


DxFLEX Workflow

  • Running the Daily Set Up procedure primes and cleans the system and warms up the lasers
  • Operator is notified when the fluidic system is stable and the instrument is ready
Instrument QC
  • Use Levey-Jennings charts to monitor performance indicators for several instruments
  • Daily QC procedure assesses laser power, laser delay, rCV of all fluorescent channels
  • Use the Standardization procedure to monitor Median Fluorescent Intensity (MFI) and track gain changes
  • Automated sampling* for walk away processing, tube carousel and 96-well plates supported 
  • Display up to 500,000 events on the plots during acquisition to help identify small populations 
  • Compensation automatically adjusts based upon instrument settings 
  • Compensation Library stores values for single color controls, which can be applied to future analyses
DxFLEX StandardizationStandardization Method. The workflow includes tools to incorporate assay controls used to monitor results and maintain assay stability.


  • Gates on acquisition sheets are linked to report sheets 
  • Store up to 25 million events per file with 13 colors, more events can be saved when using less channels
  • Plots on the reports are linked to the acquisition page so that changes are reflected on the report
  • Free CytExpert for DxFLEX software can be installed on any computer and used to analyze exported data


  • User Accounts provide controlled access and tracks user activities
  • Reference Ranges can be saved in the report, with out of range results flagged for easy identification 
  • Panel Experiment used to report multi-tube acquisitions per sample 
  • Automatic export function saves data in a user defined location 
  • Reports can be exported as PDF, CSV, graphics file
DxFLEX Report


  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) can be performed by operators
  • Interface reminds operators when PM is due
  • Cleaning Solution use is calculated, operators are notified to replenish
* with optional autoloader  





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