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Cell signaling

Signal transduction is one of the most widely studied areas in biology. Extracellular information perceived at the surface of a cell must be translated into an intracellular response that involves a complex network of interwoven signaling cascades. These signaling events regulate cellular responses like proliferation, differentiation, secretion and apoptosis.
Here you can find everything you may ever need for signaling studies: AMP detection, GPCR assays, histone deacetylase assays, kinase resources and tools for nuclear receptor and protein phosphatase studies.


AMP Detection System

The AMP-Glo™ Assay is a homogeneous assay that generates a luminescent signal from any biochemical reaction that produces AMP. This versatile system can measure the activity of a broad range of enzymes.


GPCR Assays

Obtain better dynamic range and more biologically relevant data with the easy-to-use GloSensor™ assay format for live cell analysis.

Live-Cell Biosensor for GPCR Studies

Obtain data directly from living cells with the GloSensor™ cAMP Assay is a 'zero step' assay for studies on cAMP kinetics.

Custom Assay Services

Let us partner with you to develop a complete biology-driven, Promega-technology-enabled custom solution: Faster time to data; Fewer in-house resources; Flexible approach and offerings.

cAMP-Glo™ Assay

The cAMP-Glo™ Assay is a bioluminescence assay for monitoring changes in intracellular cAMP concentration with high sensitivity and excellent reproducibility. The assay is robust, easy to use and can be formatted to any size of experiment from single tubes to high-density plates.

Protein Kinases

We offer several protein kinases and kinase catalytic subunits including PKA, PKC, DNA- PK, Casein Kinase I and II, the EGF receptor and cGMP-dependent PK.

GTPase-Glo™ Assay

Measure intrinsic GTPase, GAP and GEF activity with the GTPase-Glo™ Assay. The amount of bioluminescence produced is inversely correlated to GTPase, GAP and GEF activity.

Growth Factors

Achieve consistent biological responses with highly purified, recombinant growth factors.

Histone Deacetylase Assays

Simple, "add-mix-measure" luminescent assays for detecting HDAC and Sirtuin enzyme activities.

Kinase Assays

Count on minimal interference from screening your compound library with luminescent, ATP-based kinase assays. These sensitive and reliable assays are easily scaled to meet your throughput needs.

Nuclear Receptor Pathway Tools

Follow nuclear receptor pathways with tools ranging from specific expression vectors to cell lines engineered to express your receptor of interest.

Protein Phosphatase Assays

Expect more from non-radioactive phosphatase assays that provide the high level of sensitvity and reliability (Z´-factor > 0.7) required for your high-throughput screening 

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