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Molecular Devices

ImageXpress Nano Automated Imaging System

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Fluorescence imaging platform within reach of every lab

The ImageXpress® Nano Automated Imaging System features a long life, solid state, light engine, and optics to reliably deliver the right assay sensitivity. Capture fine details of a variety of cellular and subcellular assays with this powerful and flexible fluorescent microscopy solution. The system includes MetaXpress® High-Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software with tools for 2D and 3D imaging and time lapse analysis, as well as a range of needs from ease-of-use through to proprietary assay design.


  • Image label-free

    Image label-free

    Brightfield imaging allows for rapid acquisition without the use of harmful fluorescent agents.

  • Streamline image analysis

    Streamline image analysis

    The modular toolbox in the MetaXpress® software allows for the quick setup of hundreds of routine assays. Choose from our optional selection of turnkey application modules for greater convenience.

  • Capture a diverse range of samples

    Capture a diverse range of samples

    With 2x to 60x magnification, the system offers the flexibility to image whole-well (C. elegans, zebrafish), as well as sub-cellular details (vesicles, organelles).


  • Large field of view

    An entire well of a 384-well plate can be captured in a single image at 4X magnification for faster throughput.

  • Automated Stages

    Fully automated X, Y, and Z stages with resolution better than 25 nm.

  • Wide range of filters and objectives

    The system can be configured with different filters or objectives (2-60X) to meet research needs.

  • Five fluorescent channels

    The system can have up to 5 fluorescent filters installed at one time. The software allows up to 7 channels to be acquired at one time which enables multi-channel fluorescent and transmitted light imaging in one experiment.



Műszaki specifikációk

General specifications

4.7 megaPixel CMOS Camera

Field of View 1.85 mm2 wwith 10x

4x-60X Air Objectives

5 position filter cube changer

Laser+image autofocus

Transmitted Light


Plates supported up to 384-well plates

Microscope slides

Widefield Imaging

CellReporterXpress or MetaXpress Software

Custom Module Editor


Applications of ImageXpress Nano Automated Imaging System

The CellReporterXpress Automated Image Acquisition and Analysis Software works with the ImageXpress® Pico systems. It has a clean, easy-to-learn interface for performing quantitative analysis on images acquired from automated microscopy. The software enables distributed analysis of images for increased throughput and is ideal for scaling microscopy imaging with slides or microplates. An icon-driven, linear workflow with a range of predefined protocols provides a streamlined user experience.

  • Analyze during acquisition

    Analyze during acquisition

    Reduce the time to run experiments with our integrated on-the-fly image analysis capability, allowing you to view numeric data during acquisition.

  • Protocols

    Simplify image analysis

    Predefined analysis protocols for label-free and fluorescence imaging provides you with the ability to quickly run common biological assays while still allowing you to create and save your own protocols.

  • Share and access data from anywhere

    Share and access data from anywhere

    The software makes sharing, presenting, and collaborating with peers easier, allowing multiple you to utilize the software simultaneously through browser-based remote access.


  • Region selection for acquisition

    Multiple unique positions within a well or slide can be selected to acquire and analyze only key areas of interest.

  • Label-free analysis

    Automatically identifies objects in brightfield including small round cells, large cells, and beads.

  • Click-to-find feature

    This feature auto calculates object parameters based on user-selected cells of interest, simplifying analysis setup for cell counting and for cellular responses.

  • Side-by-side cell magnification

    Zoom or pan high-resolution images from whole well view down to cell level view. Simultaneously compare images from two wells.

  • Touch screen capability

    Exceptional usability and precise control is built-in whether using a personal computer or a tablet.

  • Browser-based software

    The ImageXpress Pico system can be controlled through a browser with data from any computer on the user’s network via Chrome™ or Safari®.


  • Stem Cell Research

    Stem Cell Research

    Pluripotent stem cells can be used for studies in developmental biology or differentiated as a source for organ-specific cells and used for live or fixed cell-based assays on slides or in multi-well plates. The ImageXpress Nano system paired with CellReporterXpress software for analysis has utility in all parts of the stem cells researcher’s workflow from tracking differentiation to quality control to measuring functionality of specific cell types.



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