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Beckman Coulter

Echo 650 Series Next-Generation Acoustic Liquid Handlers

Echo 650 Series Liquid Handlers represent our most flexible line of instruments for low volume acoustic liquid handling. The Echo 655T and 650T Liquid Handlers offer the ability to transfer from acoustic sample tubes and deliver high-throughput plate processing speeds. Echo 650 and 655 Liquid Handlers readily transfer from Echo Qualified Microplates and can be upgraded to transfer from acoustic sample tubes in the future.



The New Sound of Sample Management

The Echo 655T Liquid Handler supports sample transfer directly from Echo Qualified sample tubes, enabling a fully non-contact liquid handling workflow from sample storage all the way to assay ready plates. The Echo 655T Liquid Handler is capable of transferring as little as 2.5 nL from 384-well and 1536-well microplates, and now, from sample tubes arrayed in a 96-tube format. Additionally, it transfers at the highest speed to meet the needs of high-thoughput biochemical and cell-based screening.


Key Benefits

  • Fastest dispense rate from an Echo Qualified sample tube
  • Simplified compound library screening through direct transfer from acoustic sample tubes
  • Elimination of compound loss, cross-contamination, carryover, or leachates through non-contact transfer
  • Minimized DMSO hydration through environment controlled transfer zone


  • Acoustic Sample Tube Management

    The FluidX AcoustiX Sample Tube (FAST) was developed in collaboration with and is sold by Brooks Life Sciences for ultra-high-density sample storage. The acoustic tube offers the following benefits:

    • Echo Qualified design - compatible with Echo 650T and 655T Liquid Handlers
    • Preserves sample integrity from storage to screen
    • Miniaturize upstream liquid handling steps to conserve sample
    • Rapidly pick sets of samples for targeted screening

    Workflow Automation

    To meet the broad spectrum of sample throughput needs, the Echo 655T Liquid Handler seamlessly integrates with the highly configurable Access™ Dual Robot System accommodating a wide variety of devices and enabling a fully automated workflow.

    • Configured to achieve optimal throughput for sample management workflows
    • Compact and ergonomic design with docking modules, turntables, retractable shelves, and drawers
    • Optional features can include environmental management to protect samples from hydration or evaporation
  • Revolutionizing Sample Managementwith an All Acoustic Workflow

    from sample store to assay-ready microplates

    With a combination of high transfer speeds and diverse fluid transfer capabilities,the Echo 655T Liquid Handler supports a wide range of applications in drug discovery and basic research.


Műszaki specifikációk


Drop volume 2.5 nL
Volume transfer range 2.5 nL – 5 µL (dependent on fluid type, assay, and source plate used)
Reagents supported DMSO, PCR and qPCR reagents, synthetic biology reagents, NGS reagents, primers and probes, cell culture media, proteins, nucleic acids, up to 50% glycerol, serum, plasma, antibodies, enzymes, and protein crystallography reagents
Transfer accuracy <10% deviation from target volume
Transfer precision <8% CV (except protein crystallography fluid class)
Source labware compatibility All Echo Qualified 384- and 1536-well Microplates and Echo Qualified acoustic sample tubes
Destination labware compatibility All Echo Qualified Microplates and most ANSI-compliant/SBS-standard microplates in 96-, 384-, 1536-, and 3456-well formats 8 to 16 mm well height
Barcode reader options Short-side and/or long-side
Dimensions 53.9 cm width x 68.3 cm depth x 92.5 cm height (21.2 x 26.9 x 36.4 inches)
Weight 130 kg (286 lbs)
Working envelope Additional 25.4 cm (10 inches) on top, 2.5 cm (1 inch) on sides, 7.6 cm (3 inches) at front, 30.5 cm (12 inches) at back
Electrical AC 120V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A or AC 230V, 50/60Hz, 5 A
Operating temperature 21°C ± 5°C (70°F ± 9°F)
Vacuum House supply minimum 200 Torr (266 mbar, 22 inches Hg Vac)
Standalone vacuum with surge tank, minimum pump speed 2.0 m3/hr, minimum pressure 100 Torr (133 mbar, 26 inches Hg Vac)
Fluid class calibration No calibration needed




Echo Software Applications

Intuitive protocol design for Echo Liquid Handlers

Echo software solutions are tailored for a range of laboratory applications to enable users to maximize the utility of their Echo Liquid Handlers. Each application uses a combination of guided workflows and interactive graphics to simplify the creation and editing of complex protocols.

Echo 21CFR11 Compliance Manager

Echo Compliance Manager allows for the management and tracking of users, protocol changes, and electronic records associated with you Echo Liquid Handler

Echo Array Maker

Echo Array Maker simplifies custom array design to easily transfer samples and reagents from microplates to custom patterns on arrays, chips, and more

Echo Cherry Pick Software

Echo Cherry Pick software enables transfers of any volume of liquid from any source well into any destination well

Echo Combination Screen Software

Echo Combination Screening software for Echo Liquid Handlers simplifies the creation of combinatorial layouts to save time without limiting flexibility

Echo Dose-Response Software

Echo Dose-Response software provides a simple step-wise process for designing assay plate layout and creating dose-response curves

Echo Plate Audit Software

Echo Plate Audit software measures sample properties by performing acoustic analysis in order to validate and monitor sample libraries

Echo Plate Reformat Software

Echo Plate Reformat software offers a variety of liquid transfer functions, including assay plate replication, library compression, and customizable reformatting

TEMPO™ Automation Control Software

TEMPO™ Automation Control Software offers a dynamic interface for scheduling and managing tasks. Sample management, plate handling, liquid handling, and more



Tartozékok, kiszerelések

Access Laboratory Workstation

Combine the revolutionary performance of the Echo Liquid Handler with automated plate handling and integrated devices into a walk-away system tailored for a wide range of applications. Access Laboratory Workstations are modular, flexible solutions that easily scale when needed.


Visual Access Workstation 4 and Automation

Access Laboratory Workstation Features

Automated Genomics Platform

Combine the revolutionary performance of the Echo Liquid Handler with automated plate handling and integrated devices to create a walk-away system tailored for a broad range of genomic applications. With use of the Access Workstation, Echo Liquid Handlers can be easily incorporated into an integrated system to automate genomic workflows including, qPCR, PCR, enzyme reactions, DNA/RNA quantification, sample pooling, and normalization.

Assay-Ready Plate Preparation

The Access Laboratory Workstation for Assay-ready Plates incorporates a sealer, peeler, bulk-dispenser, and centrifuge to support walk-away library reformatting, replication, cherry-picking and dose-response. This workstation accommodates all Echo Qualified Plates and most ANSI-compliant/SBS-standard microplates. With random access microplate storage and options for barcode reading, shaking and de-lidding, the Access Laboratory Workstation offers the productivity of a large-scale system in a compact workspace.

Lead-Optimization and Secondary-screening Assays

Option to integrate multi-mode microplate readers and controlled storage systems that address a wide range of biochemical and cell-based assays into a standard Access Laboratory Workstation configuration. This flexibility enables walk-away automation for Cytochrome P450 screening, cell signaling, cell viability, and other types of assays. Storage systems can be configured for cold-dry compound storage, warm humid cell storage, or ambient storage.

High-Throughput Gene Expression Assays

The Access Laboratory Workstation, combined with a one-step qPCR preparation workflow for RT-qPCR can be adapted for high-throughput gene expression screening. With its ability to transfer nanoliter (nL) volumes of samples and reagents accurately and precisely, the Echo Liquid Handler dramatically reduces screening costs — making one-step RT-qPCR viable as a high-throughput screening method. To maximize efficiency, the Access Laboratory Workstation incorporates two Roche LightCycler systems with the Echo Liquid Handler and other devices for cell-dispensing, washing, centrifugation, and sealing.

Automated Protein Crystallography Setup

The Access laboratory workstation for protein crystallography applications incorporates an adhesive sealer to prevent evaporation and eliminate the risk of heat exposure, which can occur with thermal sealing. Random access to reagent plates enables on-the-fly creation of grid screens from high-concentration stocks.

Analysis Only

A single Access Laboratory Workstation is capable of integrating several detection devices and pooling them to create an automated analysis system that can handle racks of assay plates. Additional accessories, including waste chutes, barcode readers, and lid removal stations can also be integrated into the workstation.


Access Dual Robot System

The Access Dual Robot System (DRS) is a compact, modular, high-capacity, and high-throughput platform, designed and optimized for the use of Echo Liquid Handlers in sample management workflows. It is the only automation platform on the market compatible with Echo® 650 Series Liquid Handlers, enabling the production of assay-ready plates from acoustic sample tubes. The system combines industry-leading devices and software with ergonomic and environment management options to provide a complete, easy-to-use, store-to-assay sample management solution.




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