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Thermo Scientific

S1 Pipet Filler

S1 Pipet Filler
S1 Pipet Filler
S1 Pipet Filler
Your is time valuable and faster performance is essential. Trust the Thermo Scientific S1 Pipet Filler to deliver everything you need to stay productive in the lab: faster performance, advanced speed controls, longer battery life. The portable lightweight S1 Pipet Filler is designed for use with either glass or plastic serological pipets. It offers effective streamlined pipetting performance with maximum pipetting comfort.


Monitor Performance

The backlit LCD display screen shows remaining battery life and alarms with a blinking light when the battery charge gets low, minimizing the risk of a slowing pipette in the middle of a procedure. Current speed settings are indicated on the display for convenience. 

Ready when you need it

Sustain lightweight, cordless pipetting with the Thermo Scientific S1 Pipet Filler featuring a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. Operation lasts three times longer between charges than typical units using nickel-metal hydride batteries — so your S1 pipet filler is ready when you need it. The powerful motor ensures fast and efficient pipetting. A 50 ml pipet is filled in less than 6 seconds! 

Control Speed

Separate aspirate and dispense buttons on the rear of the S1 pipet filler individually set aspiration (upper button) and dispense (lower button) speeds. Choose from eight speeds with a simple “+” or “-” to adjust pipetting speed which is displayed on the LCD. A zero speed selection on dispense enables gravity dispensing and extra slow aspiration speeds prevent overpipetting when using 1 ml pipets.

Your choice of colors

Available in your choice of five colors, the S1 pipet filler is a fun addition to the lab. With a customizable ID area the pipet filler permits easy recognition of ownership and/or task designation. 


Sterilized and plugged for convenience, these pipets are an excellent choice for cell culture applications and have a certified Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.

Műszaki specifikációk


Performance Characteristics
Aspirate Speeds 8
Dispense Speeds 8 (+ Gravity Dispense)
Battery Lithium-Ion
Runtime between Charges 15 Hours of Continuous Use
Recharge Time 3 hours
Fill Time for 50 ml pipet 5.5 seconds
Environmental Operating Conditions
Operating Altitude 0-1,524 m
Operating Temperature 10-35 ˚C
Relative Humidity 10-95 % non-condensing
Mains Supply
Voltage Fluctuations
(for external Power supply)
90 V AC or 264 V AC
Transient Overvoltage
(for the power supply)
Installation Category II
Applicable Rated
Pollution Degree
Pollution Degree 2
(normally only non-conductive
pollution occurs)
Physical Characteristics
Weight 220 g
Nosecone Pipet Holder Autoclavable silicone rubber
Pipet Compatibility All major brands of glass
or plastic Serological pipets,
1 ml – 100 ml
Power Requirements
Power Supply Input 100-240 V AC 60-50 Hz, 0.2 A
Power Supply Output 6.0 V DC, 0.5 A
Constant Current



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Ordering Guide
Item No. Description Qty
9501 S1 Pipet Filler, White 1 each
9511 S1 Pipet Filler, Clear 1 each
9521 S1 Pipet Filler, Blue 1 each
9531 S1 Pipet Filler, Red 1 each
9541 S1 Pipet Filler, Green 1 each
Item No. Description Qty
9066 Single Pipet Filler Wall Mount Stand*  1 each
9067  Single Pipet Filler Table Mount Stand*  1 each
9068  Power Supply (Universal Input)*  1 each
9070  1 ml Pipet Filler Support*  1 each
9069  Single Pipet Filler Wing Stand**  1 each
9065  Silicone Pipet Gripper  4/case 
9057  Hydrophobic Filters, 0.45 µm, Sterile  25/box 
4580560  Hydrophobic filters, 0.45 µm, Non-Sterile  5/bag 
9064 Nosepiece (holder, silicone gripper, filter)  1 each

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