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BioLector Pro

BioLector Pro
BioLector Pro
Microfluidic microbioreactor system with continuous individual pH and feeding control.

The BioLector Pro combines the scalable BioLector technology with a microfluidic chip. The system performs high-throughput cultivations in batch or fed-batch mode together with online monitoring and the control of biomass, pH, DO, and fluorescences. All important process features are combined on one single disposable plate.

With this microbioreactor we provide a solution for rapid response, COVID-19 vaccine development.



Full Process Control on one Plate

Working principle

The system is based on standard microtiter plate formats and operates with non-invasive optical sensors.

The BioLector Pro microbioreactor's disposable 48-well microtiter plate features online measurements of four parameters and, at the same time, controls pH and feeding rates through micro-valves and micro-channels. These microfluidic components realize continuous feeding and pH control on a microtiter plate format. The feeding modes can be constant, linear, exponential or triggered by signal. Tubing and liquid handlers are no longer needed; everything is part of the gamma-radiated, ready-to-use plate.

By using microfluidic chip technology, extremely exact and slow dosing - down to 50 nL - can be realized. Two reservoir wells per four individually-controllable cultivation reactors are available. Altogether, 32 bioreactor wells and 16 reservoir wells are placed on one plate.

Due to the continuous and rigorous shaking during the optical measurements and throughout the entire experiment, it is ideally suited for aerobic cultures in high density. The massive acquisition of relevant bioprocess data allows precise and reliable bioprocess development, strain characterization, media optimization and clone screening in short time frames.

Optional Modules

Similar to the microbioreactor BioLector, additional modules are available for a further functionality upgrade of the BioLector Pro.

The combination of multiple modules is possible.

///  Gas Modules

  • O2 up regulating module for the up-regulation of oxygen up to 35 %
  • O2 down regulating module for the down-regulation of oxygen down to 2 %
  • CO2 up regulating module for fermentation with a CO2 controlled gas atmosphere
  • Anaerobic cultivation set for cultivating under anaerobic conditions.

///  Fluorescence Module

  • LED / filter module for fluorescence measurements for wavelengths between 365 nm - 950 nm
  • Low pH filter module for low pH measurements in the range of 4-6.

Up to three additional fluorescence modules fit into the system, in addition to the standard filters for biomass, pH, and DO.

Automated Fermentation

For triggered sampling, harvesting or additional feeding, the BioLector Pro can be combined with a liquid handling robotic system. Look at the RoboLector.


Műszaki specifikációk



 BioLector Pro Datasheet

  • Real-time kinetics of 32 parallel fermentations
  • Microfermentation in standard MTP format
  • Batch and fed-batch cultivation
  • Control of pH on-the-plate
  • Continuous controlled feeding on the plate
  • DO and signal-triggered feeding
  • Low pH measurements in the range of 4-6
  • High-throughput and easy automation
  • Broad range for biomass detection (equivalent to up to 250 OD600, 50 g/L CDW, measured with E. coli)
  • Small volume (800 - 2400 µL)
  • No edge effects
  • Continuous shaking operation (no artifacts)
  • Defined mass transfer conditions
  • Reliable scale up to benchtop fermenters 
  • Industry leading data analysis software
  • Fast and easy data analysis included
  • A valuable tool for PAT and QbD
Online Control
  • pH value
  • Feeding
  • Shaking speed
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • O2 in head space atmosphere
  • CO2 in head space atmosphere
Online Measurement
  • Biomass concentration
  • pH value
  • Dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • Riboflavins
  • Fluorescent molecules (GFP, YFP, DsRed ...)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • O2 in head space atmosphere
  • CO2 in head space atmosphere




  • Vaccine development
  • Fed-batch development
  • pH profiling
  • Feeding rate optimization
  • Media screening and optimization
  • Fermentation parameter optimization
  • Cell line and strain screening
  • Anaerobic and microaerophilic fermentations
  • Synthetic and systems biology, synbio research
  • Statistical design of experiments (DoE)
  • Growth characterization
  • High-throughput protein expression
  • Enzyme and cell activity tests
  • Functional genomics
  • Proteomic studies
  • Inhibition and toxicity tests
  • Quality control


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