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Cell3™ Target: PanHemeOnc Panel

NGS profiling for both lymphoid and myeloid disorders

Streamlining genetic testing for hematological malignancies


Testing for myeloid and lymphoid malignancies needs to be fast


Successful treatment and improved prognosis of hematological cancer is directly impacted by the speed and efficacy of diagnosis.1

The complexity of hematological malignancies often means laboratories have to use an interrogative and iterative testing approach across multiple different platforms. Leveraging Cell3 Target NGS panels to detect all key variants allows laboratories to streamline their workflows into one single test advancing hemato-oncology patient care.

The Cell3 Target: PanHemeOnc panel, designed by WMRGL is available as a customer-led design for any lab also looking to streamline their lymphoid and myeloid workflows.

"Clearly, the most efficient approach [for myeloid and lymphoid testing] is to have, as far as possible, everything going down one streamlined pathway.”

A targeted NGS panel, that can detect SNVs, indels and CNVs in genes associated with both myeloid and lymphoid has huge advantages for Jo Masons team in West Midlands Regional Genomics Laboratory (WMRGL) in the reduction of turnaround times and cost burdens associated with multi-testing approaches.

Joanne Mason, Head of Haemato-oncology, WMRGL
Joanne Mason, Head of Haemato-oncology, WMRGL
Fast Streamlined Comprehensive Trusted Proven
Prepare NGS libraries in as little as one day Reduce multiple testing strategies into one simple workflow. Comprehensive design enables the detection of clinically relevant variants across multiple regions associated with both myeloid and lymphoid neoplasia Customer led, Nonacus custom design collaboration with Joanne Mason, Head of Haemato-oncology, West Midlands Regional Genomics Laboratory SNVs detected at Variant Allele Fractions (VAF) as low as 1%. Detection of challenging targets including FLT3-ITD
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Profile all key myeloid and lymphoid mutations in one test

The panel design covers variants in 134 genes (including SRY for gender ID only) and 13 key regions for CNVs*, as well as boosted FLT3 coverage, KMT2A including exons and introns 1-14, and whole gene deletion events†

* CNV coverage: CNV del(1p), CNV gain(1q), CNV (11q), CNV 13q14; del(17p), CNV del(17p), CN-LOH 6p, CEBPA, GATA2, RUNX1, TERC, TERT, trisomy12

† Whole gene deletion events: CEBPA, GATA2, RUNX1, TERC, TERT


Műszaki specifikációk


Complete coverage of key genes

All transcripts covered for all genes

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